TheY Call It MagiC



They call it magic—when it all comes together for a moment, 38 minutes, a couple of months, or for your own, uneven life.


The piece of time is not important. It’s just that you feel it–you know it. It’s not predicted or planned, and that’s the cool part. That’s what makes it magic.


If magic were seen—it would be tiny or “travel-size”, bursts of sparkler glitter, exploding into a “bring down the house” concert.


It’s one thing that can’t be bought, or owned…it can be fleeting or hanging out for a while.


You experience magic here and there, high and low, far and wide, inside and out, and it’s never closed on Sundays.


Magic consistently happens in sports. When a bat and ball make absolute contact, or a transcendent run down a ski hill, these create magic. The ultimate magic was Earvin Johnson running the basketball on the court, and being dubbed as “Magic”.


There’s magic when someone plays one instrument fully, or when an artist hits a challenging note—solid, Lady Gaga. And there is always magic with the fusion of a band or orchestra when the vibrating notes sing in sync—the Stones are my magic.


Magic is in the sauce you taste that a notable chef prepares, or from the bite of banana bread from your great grandmother’s recipe.


A sparking of minds in sync in a business deal creates magic.


Seeing your mother hold your infant daughter for the first time is magic.


And, of course, a place can be magic. The sensory charge of Disneyland, the playground of magic, or the solitude of a lapping mountain lake describes magic.


Or, of course, maybe your magic has been misplaced for a while…and you just got it back. That happened to someone I know very well.


But the most magical connection of all is with a person—that one-on-one—soul-to-soul. Maybe you met at a party where you discovered you were born the same year and both on a Tuesday, or the person next to you on a plane that also has a passion for rescuing dogs. Or maybe the student who drew the most imperfect, but perfect drawing of yourself with a mole on your face that you thought was a third eye, and, of course, the date that could continue for days…it is all magic.


Magic…somehow, someway, unexpectedly, makes it all come together and you feel–aligned. It’s again, that perfect “knowing”—the Goldilocks confirmation.


Hopefully the mojo of magic greets you sooner rather than later, and electrifies you again and again on those unforeseen, miraculous occasions…


They call it magic.



–jules gissler



Posted on March 7, 2016 in blog

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Jules Gissler

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Jules, originally a Montana girl, has travelled many creative trails; books, paintings, cards, prints, giclees, pillow design, and hardware jewelry. Her original designs have sold in retail shops such as Barneys New York, Ballard Designs catalog, ABC Carpet & Home-New York, and The American Craft Museum.

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