Her Galaxy in Her Dark Sky


The Place…Morocco.

The time…2015-2016.

The characters…an older woman, and a younger man.

This older woman has seen both her parents grow old and gave them her care and her heart until they left this world for the next plane of time.

This older woman has been divorced 14 years.

Another man has not entered her life. Another man has not shared a sunrise or a sunset. Another man has not talked endlessly throughout the night…beside her, siting profound statements that affect her thinking. Another man has not traveled cities and countryside, showing her places that only the locals know well. And another man has not looked into her eyes, where she felt her soul being recognized.

It was the holiday season…Bren’s first Christmas alone. Her deep connections were gone. Her mother passed a year ago, and her dad several years earlier. Bren and her ex had been parted almost 14 years.

Her neighbor was also alone…leaving behind a marriage of 30 years. This was a holiday for the two not to be spent solo, and around the familiarities of home.

They decided to make an adventure for this new chapter of their lives…some place warm, and not Christmassy.

Exotic in sound, Morocco was the place, to be exact, Marrakech.

It was Christmas Eve and they found a church where people were gathering. The service was spoken in French and they knew little…but it was a congregation celebrating together, and they were welcomed.

The next day, Christmas Day, shopping was a priority on their list. They were buying their own Christmas gifts–sans-Santa, wrapping, and bows.

The taxis lined the street. They weren’t allowed close to the hotel.

The cab they chose was the first English-speaking driver they encountered. This was a Christmas present in itself. He also offered to stay with them and wait while they shopped. He knew the best places and where to get the best value. He was a gem.

After shopping, they insisted their driver join them for dinner. He had done them a great favor, and they were intrigued not only by his looks, but also learning more about the life of a Moroccan man.

They sat down to dinner and pumped this young man, 20 years their junior, on dating, women, lifestyle, etc. Aadil, his name, became their very own informative travel program. The dinner and company was fascinating. He didn’t drink, but they drank enough wine for him—it was the holidays.

Aadil drove the women to their hotel and said goodnight. He learned they were going to a cooking class the next day and volunteered to drive them.

Bren was more than intrigued with his knowledge. She had planted in her mind, earlier, that this holiday experience would be groundbreaking for her. By that, yes, she was going to break the ground that hadn’t been touched for 14 years. Maybe he would be her star in her dark night.

He picked the women up the next day for their scheduled class. Again, there was wine that was present. Aadil was waiting outside when they finished.

They saw a few more sites and met people visiting from Australia and England. They watched a wedding from afar, and lastly, went for one more drink and to listen to music.

Bren, after yet another drink, casually whispered to her friend, “This guy could be my star, for that matter, my galaxy!” Her friend smiled.

Bren excused herself for the ladies room, and her friend took the opportunity to confide Bren’s crush to Aadil. He was surprised, but welcomed her affection.

When Bren returned from the restroom, Aadil reached to hold her hand. They sat closer, and she realized her grand expectation of this vacation might be happening tonight.

Her wine gave her the needed courage. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “You know what’s going to happen, don’t you? Aadil gave her a slight grin and replied softly, “Yes.”

New Year’s Eve was also spent together. They ordered in grilled pizza and olives. They saw the sunset, and the sunrise. They talked endlessly throughout the night…with him beside her, siting profound statements that affected her thinking. And when he looked into her eyes, she felt her soul being recognized.

That New Year’s Eve was time spent that would never leave her mind.

Bren left Morocco on January 2nd. She returned January18th. Since then, she has visited four times. She is there now, for the 5th time. With this trip, she is traveling the cities and the countryside with him. He is showing her places that only the locals know well.

Does she love him? Yes. Will they be together forever? Unlikely. But would you trade a connection…a galaxy, knowing it wouldn’t be forever…for never knowing it at all?



-jules gissler

Posted on August 8, 2016 in blog

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Jules Gissler

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Jules, originally a Montana girl, has travelled many creative trails; books, paintings, cards, prints, giclees, pillow design, and hardware jewelry. Her original designs have sold in retail shops such as Barneys New York, Ballard Designs catalog, ABC Carpet & Home-New York, and The American Craft Museum.

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