Gilda the New Year’s Maven <3

Gilda can’t be seen, but she is felt. However, because she knew I was writing a brief story on her, and knows how we all seem to need something to SEE to BELIEVE… she has shown up on this paper–for your benefit.
Her choice is to be drawn as a red-haired–brunette-blonde with a touch of pink, medium-aged-gal. And of course, with lots of glitter—the glittery look. Glitter somehow makes it more magical, and where there’s magic, anything is possible—at least it makes it more real to us.
Gilda brings you hope in a new year, and attempts to give you everything your heart desires. All you have to do on your end is believe it, truly, and where action is due—do it. Don’t ask questions, don’t be fearful—just do it.
So when gifts are being delivered to you left and right, such as passionate work, friends, love-connections, trips, tasty food, a cool pair of shoes in your favorite color that fit you perfectly–like Cinderella’s slipper, well, all this happiness of your heart, is Gilda working her magic.
Thank Gilda, and thank yourself, for believing in you, and living with the attitude of “why not”.
Go for broke to create your year ahead, to be bountiful in glittery stuff, and be exactly what you desire in 2017. Cheers to you, and your partner Gilda!


Posted on January 1, 2017 in blog

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Jules Gissler

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Jules, originally a Montana girl, has travelled many creative trails; books, paintings, cards, prints, giclees, pillow design, and hardware jewelry. Her original designs have sold in retail shops such as Barneys New York, Ballard Designs catalog, ABC Carpet & Home-New York, and The American Craft Museum.

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